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Jeff Mastropetre

Trainer, behaviorist, problem solver

The main reason I train dogs is for the love of the animal and my passion for helping people. People tell me all the time, that I was born for this!     Before I was a dog trainer, I was a mechanic and welder for Sikorsky Aircraft/ Lockeed Martin. This is where my ability to diagnose, trouble shoot and repair any problem stems from. 
    After studying behavioral psych at MXCC, I studied under not one, but 3 trainers with a combined 125 years of experience! I spent a few years training obedience and doing bite work for Canine Cadre in Wallingford before deciding to establish Kiss K9. Next I apprenticed under the legendary Laurie Fass (host of WTIC PET TALK) and technical skills flourished. I will never stop educating my self. I continue to travel the country to learn from the best of the best. My favorite quote, “when you know better, you do better”. I am forever grateful to those who passed their knowledge to me. Please allow me to share some with you! 

About Me: About Me
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